Brian Smith

Brian Smith

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Brian Smith - Full Stack Web Developer


  • Proficient in JavaScript, Python, HTML and CSS
  • Built full stack web apps using Node.js, Express, React, jQuery, Flask, Bootstrap, Tailwind, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.
  • Basic understanding of PHP and Java.

Professional Experience

Freelance Web Developer, May 2019 to present

  • Project: McCoy's By Appointment - I designed (in collaboration with the client’s Corporate Director of Communications) and built a full stack web app for McKay’s in Nashville, TN to open on an appointments-only basis in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Users make appointments with dynamically generated forms while employees check people in at the door and view booking data. (React, React Router, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose)
  • Contract: UXBridge Consulting - I spent a matter of weeks on contract as a UI developer building responsive UI components with HTML, CSS, Tailwind, and Twig templating for PHP in a loose Agile/Scrum environment, with Git version control and Kanban task organization. See the final product
  • Project: Help Desk - I built a MERN stack support ticket system with front and back end authentication for use in future projects. UI and privileges change based on your role's authorization level. (React with hooks, React Router, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose)
  • See more projects on my portfolio at

Multi-Instrumentalist/Background Vocalist, 2012-2019

  • I worked with dozens of artists, musicians and industry professionals from all walks of life, touring the country and the world. I learned strong interpersonal and communication skills, diligent time management, the ability to recognize and fill my role in a team, and the flexibility to adapt to wildly variable working conditions.


  • Full Stack Certification (Nov. 2019): A MERN stack based online boot camp, requiring sub-certifications in Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Front End Libraries (Bootstrap, jQuery, Sass, React, Redux), Data Visualization (D3.js), APIs and Microservices (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose), and Information Security and Quality Assurance (Mocha, Chai). An estimated 1800 hours of course work.
  • UNC-Greensboro (Aug. 2006 - May 2008): Spent two years studying music theory, education, and performance before pursuing a career in the music industry.