Jessica Barnett

Jessica Barnett

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##Full-Stack Software Developer

Nashville Software School | 2018-2019

*Intensive full-time 6-month software development bootcamp focusing on full stack (Python/Django) development fundamentals and problem solving</li> *Utilized Python with Django framework to create a server-generated ecommerce web application with a group. Leveraged Django templates to build the interface. Interacted with the database using raw SQL queries. Individually responsible for displaying product details with current inventory level and the functionality to add products to an order *Developed a flat data structure using an entity relationship diagram with a group before building the messaging component of a personal dashboard application with JavaScript and jQuery. Utilized Grunt as a task runner for bundling and linting. The current user’s messages were displayed with editing capability, and other users’ messages were displayed as read-only *Created an itinerary builder application with a group. Individually responsible for the restaurant module which collected user input, leveraged JSON Server to ping an external API, displayed search results in the DOM, and saved the user’s choices *Created a single-page kennel tracker app using React to achieve CRUD functionality and React Router to dynamically route users to various detail pages