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Freelance Expert Interviewer (Remote Only)

KaratSeattle, WA (Remote OK!)


freelance @ $40,000 - $60,000

Freelance Expert Interviewer (Remote Only)

Posted 3 years ago

Karat is seeking mid to senior-level software engineers that are interested in remotely conducting quality programming interviews. The work is very flexible and rewarding. You will interview for companies like Pinterest, MuleSoft, and Intuit as a Karat Interviewer. You can do this work without stress and while keeping your full-time job.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me directly here or apply here


You'll conduct interviews to help our clients assess the fundamental coding skills of applicants to their open roles -

  • Some of our interviewers do as little as 7-10 hours a week, some do up to 35 per week. Time off is as easy as marking it on your calendar.
  • Interviews are compensated at $100USD each.
  • Each interview lasts about one hour, followed by a 15-30 minute written report of the interview. Interview & forget.
  • You'll provide coding guidance (gradual, only as the candidate requires) during a 30-45 minute coding exercise.
  • Each candidate may use the programming language of their choice during the coding exercise. You must be nimble!
  • The onboarding process includes self-study of our thorough handbook, practice, and mentoring from our senior interviewers. The onboarding process is compensated.

Education + Experience

Nice to have:

  • Experience conducting interviews
  • Computer Science academic background

Must have

  • Ability to provide coding gradual, nuanced coding guidance to help candidates perform at their best
  • Have an excellent understanding of computer science fundamentals
  • Have excellent verbal and written English skills

Interview Process

To become a Freelance Expert Interviewer, you must qualify in an interview similar to the kind you'll be conducting on the job. There is an extensive and thorough onboarding process (compensated) that will help you be successful as an interviewer at Karat.

How to Apply

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