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Mobile Developer for a Form-Based Application

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Telematics supplier and installation company. We install for Verizon, LoJack, MobileEye, and others.

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Mobile Developer for a Form-Based Application

Posted a year ago

This will be used on the job to write down vehicle info and scan barcodes into a form. User will save this job sheet and can export it as xls or pdf. They can see past sheets, maybe stored in cloud.


So I'm an installer and I work in the field everyday. A while ago I made a simple web app ( to replace my paper job sheets. I use it every day, and it sends a CSV file to my office.

So that is the main function of the app. What I need is an app that let's the installer fill out the job sheet, scan barcodes for box number and VIN number, export as XLS or PDF, and access previous job sheets.

It will be offered as a subscription service and companies or installers will need user accounts.

Currently companies use FastField which is a form builder lots of technician companies use. The telematics and 12-volt community is a very close-knit one, and there are a few thousand technicians around the country who's companies we are all in contact with. Fast Field is 20/mo per user, bulky, and it isn't tailor made for our job. This app will also auto populate vehicle info (on my little web app I do that from the NHTSA API). Long story short, if our app is easier to use and less expensive these companies will switch to it. Win/win.

Needs to be available on iOS and Android with a web portal for administration.


Build the app, I'll supply a logo and any text. I can also give you a mockup.

The beginning of the year is when companies will be ready to make changes, so obviously sooner is better.


iOS and Android app with web portal for administration. I wanted to build it in ReactJS but I just dont know enough what I'm doing. If you're comfortable in something else I won't argue with you.

Education + Experience

You've just got to be able to build a good app that is easy to use.

Interview Process

Email me some thoughts on the app and your experience ( After we can get coffee and talk things over. Finally, I'm going to be completely up front with you. I'll pay you 7000 but I'm just an installer and this will have to be profit sharing. There's an immediate 10-20 subscribers and if it's a good app we can get 100s and eventually 1000s pretty easily. It's as much of a sure thing as it can be. We'll do 50/50 until you earn 6000 and then 5% forever.

I obviously don't expect it to be your first priority, we just need a well made app that is easy to use.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this, and let me know any questions you have.