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Senior Software Engineer - C

Atiba SoftwareNashville, TN

We’re a friendly bunch and always looking for sharp, pragmatic folks who enjoy jumping in and learning new skills.


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Senior Software Engineer - C

Posted 5 months ago

End-to-end solution developer touching multiple technologies for a large Nashville-area client in the IoT space.


Atiba Software is looking for a senior-level software engineer for a large project with one of our clients in the Internet-of-Things space.


  • Comfortable with C (or C++)
  • Solid communication skills - willing to interact directly with client on project management and technical tasks
  • Quick learner, pragmatic, problem solver
  • Attention to detail

One or more of the following technologies (most important first):

  • Android/Java
  • iOS (Obj-C and Swift)
  • Bash scripting
  • AOSP
  • AWS
  • Linux kernel
  • .NET Core
  • React
  • Node
  • Elixir

But that's so much!

Yes, it is, but you don't have to know all of them to start out. This is a mature end-to-end solution with lots of moving parts, and new features being added constantly. That means it's an excellent growth opportunity, as you’re likely to touch all of the above technologies along the way even if you only start with one or two.

Who We're Looking For

Our ideal developer is a quick learner who enjoys the opportunity to build new skills and is willing to jump in and start developing in new or unfamiliar tech stacks and code-bases. We don't specialize an any particular tech stack, but rather seek the best solution for each customer based on their unique technical and business situation. Additionally, we value individuals with strong communication skills, who can translate technical concerns into common language to help our clients make the best decisions for the businesses. We call this ability "half-geek, half-human", and it's part of the core of who we are.

We're always looking for sharp, pragmatic folks who like to solve problems. If that's you, please contact us at