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Senior Software Engineer - Integrations

Built624 Grassmere Park Nashville


fulltime @ $100,000 - $120,000

Senior Software Engineer - Integrations

Posted a year ago

Built, a fintech company, utilizes integrations to move data between customer data sources and our core platform. Unique data challenges, high-quality codebase, and a wonderfully collaborative team!


Built is on a mission to simplify residential and commercial construction lending. Since day one, our goal has been to create the best way to access and manage construction capital. Our vision is to create the industry standard for construction lending software; built to streamline the loan management process and provide unprecedented portfolio insights. We strive to empower lenders, borrowers, builders, and others with innovative technologies, changing the way the world gets built.

One of the ways we do this is by providing powerful integrations with well-known partners in the industry and building custom integrations for our clients. As a Software Engineer with a focus on Integrations at Built, you’ll be directly responsible for designing, developing, implementing and supporting solutions that enable clients and partners to accurately and routinely exchange data with Built software products. Because each client brings their own data and systems to the table, the job is rarely the same, and you’ll regularly face a ton of interesting data problems.

Success in this role is measured by:

  • Advising, collaborating and fostering consensus on the appropriate architecture for integrations products, balancing delivery and positioning for known future cases.
  • Mentoring and collaborating with teammates to establish a pattern of delivery reflected in the work product and team attitude.
  • Delivering the right solution at the right time with integrity.
  • Providing high quality, empathetic support to all clients and partners.
  • Continually building and iteratively improving our integrations codebase to be increasingly reusable and enable our customers and partners to do more.
  • Leading integration projects with top partners in our industry in all technical aspects.
  • Continuing to push forward, documenting of, acceptance/ratification of, and maintenance of sound Python and TypeScript standards & practices.
  • Communicating and collaborating with non-technical team members to troubleshoot and resolve when bugs are found.

The Platform:

  • The system is built on Python 3.7, a bit of TypeScript in places, Luigi, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, Docker and AWS. (Don’t know all these things, no worries, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about them here.)
  • The codebase also makes heavy use of type hinting.
  • Test coverage is on average over 90% and Pylint is 10/10. We care a lot about quality and safety in our codebase.

The Team:

  • Strong Product Owner who focuses on what value we can deliver to customers and creating meaningful experiences for them.
  • A Principal engineer who helps ensure we’re doing the right work with quality, leveraging the proper tools and advancing as a team.
  • Two senior engineers who help lead the team toward solutions and ensure that we maintain consistent quality. (and you!)
  • Four talented engineers who push out integrations and features for customers multiple times a week. (1 more coming soon)
  • Collaborative work and great sharing across the team both on the technology and product side. Your input is valued from the day you start.
  • We strive to put people first and work with a passion.

What we need you to bring:

  • Strong Python and SQL experience and hopefully some prior integrations experience.
  • Experience working with raw data and shaping it into useful data sets.
  • A teaching or servant leader mindset.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A strong focus on our customers both internal and external.
  • A dedication to the quality and ownership of your work product.
  • Deep empathy and support of your teammates.

Interview Process

  • Phone Screen
  • Collaborative Code Pairing (not a test, it's about how you work with others, you'll see the problem ahead of time and available in Python, PHP, and JS)
  • In Person conversations with Multiple engineering team members, Product and Management.