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Web Designer

Elevate UnitedEast Nashville, TN

parttime @ $20,000 - $40,000

Web Designer

Posted 3 years ago

*Just blindly submitting a resume without answering the questions at the bottom, means an automatic denial. Read through the entire description if this intrigues you and give a few thoughtful answers. The more the better. Thank you for your time.

We need a dynamic, warm, hungry, and motivated individual to take on managing multiple web design projects for growing and innovative businesses and influencers. More than anything, we're looking for someone to assist in taking action on ideas, moving projects forward towards completion, and managing projects and expectations.

We are looking for someone smart, sharp, passionate, and talented with a great attitude, and a tremendous spirit of resourcefulness and determination. We want someone, who when they encounter an obstacle, they want to find a way around, through, over, and under it--someone who is detail oriented, has a very high standard of excellence, and seeks to enrich the lives of others along the way. We want someone who's humble, teachable, and determined--someone who likes growing.

Character traits (These are Musts):

  • Get-it-Done Attitude
  • Detail-Oriented
  • High-Integrity
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Caring Demeanor
  • Committed & Determined
  • Consistently Positive Attitude & Solution-Oriented
  • Excellent Team Player
  • Continual Learner
  • Humility

Must not:

  • Be satisfied with "good enough."
  • Be a time puncher. This is more than a job/business to us. We want to change the world and make it a better place. We are making a difference in the world and you will be the magnifier of that voice. If you don't care enough, your creative potential will be diminished and we will receive far from the best from you.
  • Need safe, predictable, routine. What is predictable, is that you will be doing many different things by the end of the year than what we're doing now.


  • Experience with Wordpress, and it’s large ecosystem
  • Working knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Strong communication skills
  • Must work well with a team, remotely and in-person
  • Well-honed design taste
  • Shopify experience preferred, but not required
  • Photoshop experience preferred, but not required

Other Needs/Wants:

  • A reliable computer. You will be expected to have your own laptop, for the time being. Mac's are preferred, though not required.
  • Being social media savvy is a definite plus.
  • Design experience or creative environment experience is a must.
  • Being tech savvy is a plus.

You will grow and experience things you didn't imagine you'd experience. Ultimately, this might be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, opportunities you will ever have. We will call out the best in you, and we want you to do the same. You also may travel occasionally with the team to some amazing events and places and meet some really talented people.

Questions (Please respond with answers. Otherwise, automatic no-go)

  1. What intrigues you about this opportunity?
  2. What caught you off guard about the description or what are your concerns?
  3. Tell me about a time when you've really crushed it in a project or job.
  4. What's your Myers Briggs profile? Strengths Finder? DISC? (If you don't know these, that's ok as we'll take care of that later).
  5. Describe some companies or products you really love and why.

$15-$20 per hour, DOE. Will start at around 25 hours per week.