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Senior Web Developer

StratasanNashville, TN


fulltime @ $80,000 - $100,000

Senior Web Developer

Posted a month ago

Stratasan is looking for a senior web developer to join our team! This person will be leading our back-end web development efforts.

Job Description

Stratasan is looking for a senior web developer (Python experience preferred, but the focus here is on web ) to join our team! This person will be leading our back-end web development efforts and will be expected to set the standard for the team. We expect our senior developers to 1) independently deliver bug fixes, features and products, 2) help to mentor less-senior members of the team and 3) lend their experience to help improve the overall processes of our development team. We encourage you to read more about our engineering culture at


  • Work with our Product teams to deliver fixes, features and products
  • Provide reviews for Pull-Requests written by coworkers
  • Participate in business-hours support rotation
  • Help to continually improve our codebases & team processes

Our Stack

  • Python with Django & Django-REST-Framework-driven APIs
  • PostgreSQL/Redshift/Redis datastores
  • Modern Javascript including
    • React + Redux (and bits of Typescript)
    • SASS
    • ES6 syntax with Webpack & Babel

Why We Should Hear From You

  • You can effectively communicate, deliver ideas and gather buy-in. If anything, you over communicate. We are not interested in hiring developers that only speak in code.
  • You feel at home working on back-end web systems. Contributing across the stack may be a future goal but not necessary if you choose to join our team.
  • You’re very comfortable building applications on the modern web. You may not know the intricacies of Python, Django or Redshift, but you have a history of delivering complex web applications. If you don’t know those technologies, we’d love to help you learn them!
  • Simplifying the usage & visualization of data is the heart of our business. You are interested in manipulating and using large data sets.
  • You’re not evangelical about Test Driven Development, but you gain peace of mind writing tests that ensure your contributions continue to work over time.
  • You’re comfortable with version control and Git.
  • You’re excited to review other team members pull requests, provide feedback and contribute your knowledge to the group so that we all can improve together.

Hiring Process

We've documented this at

If this opportunity sounds interesting, get in touch. Send us a PDF resume and a way we can contact you. Feel free to include your GitHub or StackOverflow account but don’t feel pressured to do so. We welcome any source you can cite to demonstrate your ability to solve problems as we consider that the most important aspect of the job.


Annual salary is between $80,000-$100,000 depending on experience.

About Stratasan

Stratasan is a Nashville-based company that provides intelligence on healthcare markets to hospital strategists, physician offices, community care experts & others. Our development team builds applications and tools used by healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions about how to best deliver care to their patients. As an example, we give guidance to our clients looking to place a new acute care clinic.